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What to see, where to go from Side?


The resort village of Side in Turkey, located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Side is a small town famous for its rich history. It was founded in the seventh century BC by the Greeks and later passed into the hands of one conqueror to another. Most of the time this city was under the rule of the Romans. For this reason, today all tourists vacationing here can admire the architectural values and various types of attractions left over from the time of the Romans.

The hot climate and sandy beaches allowed the tourism infrastructure in this city to develop rather qualitatively and quickly. Side has been very popular among Turkish guests for a very long time and is famous for its cozy luxury hotels. In addition, Side also has small boutique hotels and a large selection of conventional residential apartments, where anyone can find a home to their liking. In addition, excursions in Side are very popular among the guests of our city.

Temple of Apollo


One of the main attractions of the city is the famous temple of the well-known ancient Greek god Apollo. The construction was about eight hundred years old until the tenth century, when a strong earthquake happened. Today, only ruins and ruins have remained from this majestic building. You can see and get to know the remains of this temple on the seashore, where, blending in with the painting of nature, it created a real harmony. You can visit this place by going on excursions in Side from the My Side Tours company!

Antique amphitheater


The estimated time of construction falls on the time of the possession of the Romans these territories. This amphitheater has been very well preserved despite its age. Its capacity was up to twenty thousand spectators at a time. And the acoustics and the unique shape of the structure allows you to see the whole stage very well and hear even a whisper on the stage from the last, highest line.

Aqueduct of ancient Rome


It is considered one of the most important buildings of the civilization of ancient Rome. It is a well-oiled water supply system, thanks to which water was delivered to the city using stone aqueducts. Such structures can be seen all over the Mediterranean coast, which reminds us of how great the progress of that civilization was.

Museum in Side


In this archaeological museum, you can get acquainted with entertaining exhibitions collected during archaeological excavations. Large parts of the items were discovered in the twentieth century. Here you can see the sarcophagi, reliefs, statues and various elements of the city structure. The museum is located in the halls that once had baths here since Roman times.



Beach in Side

The beaches in the city of Side are divided into two parts: western and eastern beaches. The western one is considered a public area and is located along the embankment of the city. And the eastern beach is owned by certain hotels. The western beach has a fairly developed infrastructure, and on the eastern beaches, the provision of service is given to certain hotels, which include the nearby beach. If you get bored of lying on the beach, on our website you can familiarize yourself with the excursion programs in Side to diversify your vacation.

Aspendos Bridge


A bridge was built on the Kepryulyuchay river in the thirteenth century, by the Seljuk Turks who ruled and owned these lands at that time. 225 long and about six meters wide. It was built with five wide stone arches. Due to the displacement of the supports from their original places, the bridge looks a little humped.

City walls


The walls of the city are the remains of the second century BC. Finding fortifications falls towards the mainland. And the part located on the side of the bay, in our days, could no longer reach. Over the centuries, this wall was destroyed many times, and then rebuilt and for this reason, today it looks like a heaped independent building, which has several levels.