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Altinbesik cave from Side

This excursion in Side will give you the opportunity to see an underground lake of unprecedented beauty, the Green Canyon, and visit the ancient mosque in the village of Saryhajlar. The mysterious Turkish nature will reveal to you part of its secret, and you will be amazed at how generous nature is


  • Transfer by comfortable transport from the hotel
  • Arrival on the plantation with laurel trees
  • Panorama of green canyon at an altitude of 1200 meters
  • An ancient village in the Taur Mountains
  • Continuation of the tour visit to the Altynbeshik cave by boat
  • Walking in the national park
  • River tour
  • Underground waterfall
  • Underground lake, boat tour
  • Lunch break
  • The ancient village of Sarykhazlar
  • Visit to the ancient mosque with a history of 650 years
  • Return transfer to the hotel
Tour daysMonday, Thursday
Tour hours
08:30 — 17:30
Includestransfer from the hotel, guide services, lunch in the restaurant.
Excludesall kind of drinks
RecommendedBathing accessories and towel
Adult 30
Children (7 - 12 Ages ) 15
Infants (0 - 6 Ages ) 0
The trip fee is paid on the day of the tour
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Content of the trip


The Altinbesik Cave is unique and a tour of the forest so that you can see the river, waterfall and amazing underground lakes around the Altinbesik Cave. You can fully enjoy the beauty of the Turkish forest. Altinbesik Cave is called so, because it is located inside the mountain of the same name. The entrance to the cave passes through a forty-meter grotto. On the very first lower level of the cave are a lake and a waterfall, and on the upper - amazing beauty stalagmitis and stalactites. The Altinbesik Cave has its unforgettable beauty thanks to the white thickest travertine, which shimmers at an altitude of 40 places. The view is fantastic - it is worth looking at it with your own eyes.

The Altinbesik Cave tour program and forest tour includes the following;

  • Transfer from the hotel
  • Visiting the natural beauties in the vicinity of Side. You have to touch the beauty of the Turkish forest, see the huge plantations of trees, from which collect the world-famous seasoning - bay leaf. The Turkish forest is rich in thyme, lemur shrub and mostly laurel trees. Laurel plantations are the pride and main feature of the region. Participants of the tour of altynbeshik Cave and a tour of the forest can take pictures of the wonders of the mysterious forest.
  • The Green Canyon is the next stage of the tour. The canyon reaches a height of up to 1200 meters. Without a doubt it is an amazing place. Green Canyon (as the locals call it here) is an artificial reservoir with a large dam, which is located in a narrow gorge in the rocks. It got its name due to turquoise-colored algae, they shimmer through clean water and the water seems green. Really this amazing beauty is worth a look. 4) Coffee pause in a Turkish village. The tour is given half an hour to enjoy the fragrant coffee and appreciate the goodies of local producers.
  • Then the group goes on a boat trip to the altynbeshik cave. The height of the cave reaches two thousand meters. Around the cave is a waterfall, a river and an underground lake.
  • Delicious lunch
  • Visit to the mosque in the ancient Saryhajlar. The temple has a rich history - more than 650 years, and it is very beautiful and unique with its ancient traditions and ancient decorations. You will experience the oriental atmosphere of the temple and plunge into the local culture and customs.
  • Transfer to the hotel. The tour ends and you are taken back to the hotel.

The cost of a tour of Altinbesik Cave and a tour of the forest included: transfers from the hotel and back, the services of a guide who speaks English language, and a delicious lunch.

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